Hello, my name is Lynn and Welcome to my website.  I am a small Shih Tzu breeder.  I started breeding Shih Tzu's because I fell in love with the breed.  I breed for the health of the dog and the best quality possible. I also breed to get that one great show dog. In the process I have alot of beautiful show quality pets. I only sell my puppies for pets, no breeders, please.  I Love animals of all sorts and I treat them like my children and that's what I want for each and everyone of my puppies to have in there life with no exception.
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I have plans to breed Scarlett and Tori this year (2017).

No Puppies available at this time.

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SARLYN'S Shih Tzu's
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    I am based in the Richmond, Virginia area, where I’ve been breeding champion pedigrees of Shih Tzus for some time. I love these puppies and treat them well. They are great toy dogs, but also sturdy, lively, and alert. Their coats are perfect for owners who dislike constant brushing and vacuuming, or have allergy problems due to shedding.
    Is the Shih Tzu the right dog for you? I promise you’ll be surprised with how adaptable, cute, and pleasant they are. They’re also the perfect companion dog for any person in any walk of life. Because they require little exercise, you can leave them indoors during cold winters and hot summers. But it’s still nice to take them for brisk walks, which they love doing; they are lively and affectionate.
    The American Kennel Club considered this “portable pooch” to be “sweet and playful.” They are! These cute puppies are quite popular because of this. And they’re AKC Registered.
    Picture yourself with a beautiful, lion-like little dog who can return affection while also show respect. These Shih Tzus  puppies come looking like small lions, with a majestic beauty few other puppies have. They shed so little, and are so small, that they can accommodate well into any apartment or home. They will always be there to great you when you leave the home. Look at the pictures for the true uniqueness of this breed.
    If you know all that, you will also known the importance of a friendly pet. These puppies are outgoing, happy, affectionate, friendly, and trusting toward all people. We also have dogs in need of adoption if you are interested.  And these small house dogs are going fast, so it’s best to reserve your cute little puppy today. They can be your best friend for many years. I hope to hear from you. Contact me today.

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